Poetry Competitions and Two Publications

I’m deeply appreciate of Diablo Valley College’s literary contest, and Sacramento City College’s literary Magazine for their appreciation of my piece “When We Lost.” This was written as an homage after losing one of my dearest friends, an unbelievable artist named Beth Kizere, who died of H1N1. This piece was published in Susurrus Magazine (through SCC) in 2015, and won second place in DVC’s poetry competition (also in 2015.)

Listen to it here:

When We Lost on Soundcloud

In 2014, my poem Why are You Dashing My Dreams of Being an Artisan Cheese-maker Upon the Rocks of Cruel Reality won an honorable mention in DVC’s Literary Contest.

Listen to it here:

Why are you Dashing my Dreams… On Soundcloud

Much gratitude to the Folsom Lake College literary magazine for publishing my piece “Screaming Realism” which appeared in Falcon Scratch: A Creative Arts Compendium in 2012.

Listen to it here:

Screaming Realism on Soundcloud

(These are print publications, and this is why I have not provided a link to text, but I can furnish further details if anybody is interested in seeking out these pieces.)


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