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Agricultural Law Can Affect You

A wide variety of rules and regulations can apply under landscaping and agricultural laws. You should know how to stay protected and know when expert assistance may be required. Agricultural laws can affect many types of industries and individuals, such as:

  • Large and small companies engaged in landscape design and architecture.
  • Tree, Shrub and Lawn Planting Services.
  • Soil Preparation and Grading Services.
  • Irrigation Architects and Installers.
  • Arborist, or tree-cutting services, and property line management services.
  • Independent workers, and youth workers which contract with these services.
  • Consumers who utilize these services.
  • Homeowners with agricultural features such as trees, retaining walls and lawns.
  • Hardscape construction services such as the use of stonecutters, or splitters while constructing retaining walls, pathways or patios.

Know Your Rights

If you are an employee in the landscaping services industry, you should know your employer is required to provide training [[secure link to research source]] in a language you can understand. Proper training can help to avoid many on-the-job hazards in the Agricultural Industry. However, your employer should also provide an actionable system for the prevention of injury and illness. Even with these precautions, many on-the-job hazards can occur [[secure link to research source (Osha)]]. You have options if you have experienced minor or major injuries caused by or related to any of the following:

  • repetitive stress or motion
  • cuts or amputations
  • slips or falls
  • head injury or trauma
  • back injury due to lifting
  • weather-related stressors such as heatstroke or cold intolerance
  • exposure to construction or lawn-maintenance chemicals such as pesticides
  • backhoe, tractor, or wood-chipper related injuries
  • electrocution due to damaged receptacles and connectors
  • full or partial hearing loss due to repeated high-decibel, sound trauma
  • eye injury or vision-impairment
  • vehicle accidents

Making sense of confusing industry codes and law procedures may be difficult under the above circumstances. This might mean going without necessary care, or the financial support you need. With [[LAW GROUP]], you can receive experienced and professional law advice that will help you stay prepared and safe. [[CONTACT LINK]]