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Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Musician, Summoner of the Wind

There is an instantaneous and ineffable charm to the music of Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, a singer-songwriter out of Calgary who summons the very wind with his infinitely listenable folk music. He brings a unique sound that at times tips its hat to the great folksters who came before, Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell and José González. With a demeanor that is instantly welcoming and soft-spoken, he works his unassuming folk tunes into the scenery around him. This presents an effortlessly authentic style that folds the sound of the the environment, wind, coyotes, and birds into songs like his endearingly intimate, “I Love That Sound”.  In the SCENES Live session on September 27, 2020, he speaks to us from his ongoing Farm Tents Tour, where he is performing in an open-air tent. Here, he reveals that he aims to write songs with “simple details”. In this, his aim is true. His fingers cleanly pick along the backbone of the guitar neck, dancing and landing, playfully. His lyrics are pulled from the natural world, from small towns, and from invoked musical influences. In his song “Our River” he asks, “what if we bought ourselves a farmhouse, with a kitchen FM radio, and we keep our seeders off the backdoor? When the wind picks up they’ll wave to and fro.” But the magic of this performance is that the wind does pick up, and Fitzgerald remains steadfast in the gentle rocking. On his Facebook, he tells us he is “a dog man with a good plan and two hands”. He paints a picture of striving for simplicity, while simultaneously giving subtle musical clues that, underneath that persona, he has a remarkable capacity to take in the world around him and transform it with his music. With the complexity of this juxtaposition, any listener may find a reason to be enraptured, and carried by the river that Michael Bernard Fitzgerald presents.